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Founded in 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now corporately located in Kansas City, MO, Ad-Trend has exploded onto the scenes. We have grown into the largest locally owned supplier of Outdoor Advertising in Kansas City.  Working with clients both on a local and national level, combined with a staff who has over 100 years of experience, we truly are experts in the industry.

 Ad-Trend’s expertise does not consist only with our large billboard plant in Kansas City, but also has a large collection of Inflatable Displays, Searchlights, Banners, Helium Products and numerous other Attention attracting items to draw attention to your business on-site and increase business. We ship across the country, working with dozens of national companies.  It is because of this ability that we are a multifaceted national Outdoor Advertising firm.

 We invented the national store Grand Opening and Onsite promotions program, featuring giant inflatables, search lights, as well as numerous other outdoor store site decorating campaigns.  Likewise Ad-Trend is a founding member of IADA (Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association).  We are always on the cutting edge of our industry, developing the newest TREND in Outdoor Advertising.

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There are many different ways to purchase Outdoor Advertising, and many misconceptions as to what is the right way to do it. Let our one of our representatives help to determine the best way to provide you with the best experience.

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