Search Lights

Ad-Trend Searchlights:

HIGH VISIBILITY – Can be seen from up to 12 miles away.
EVENING PROMOTION – Are traditionally the most followed night time form of Point of Purchase Advertising.
FLEXIBLE PRODUCTS – Use single beam search light as a backlight for your inflatable campaign, or combine them with a red carpet for a classy event.
STATE OF THE ART – New technology allows the
sky trackers' bulbs to rotate making the beams cross paths.


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"Dear Ad-trend, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the search light for our company party. It really created the excitement we were trying to achieve for the entrance. We wanted our staff to feel appreciated and special and the search light made them all feel like they were movie stars! This is a great first impression for any event or theme party. Many of staff were not familiar with the location and knew exactly where to go because of the dramatic light! It definitely set the tone for the evening. All that was missing was my limo driver! Thanks again!"

- Connie Suss, President at Bijin Salon & Spa


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FAQs - Search Lights

  • Q: How far can they be seen out?

    A: Single Beam 3-5 miles. SkyTracker 7-10 miles.

  • Q: Do they rotate?

    A: Yes. The single beam osolates and can be locked into the angle you prefer. The SkyTracker osolates in different time sequences.

  • Q: Are Searchlights Self Powered?

    A: Single beam must have electrical power (110 outlet). SkyTracker is self generated.

  • Q: Do we need to pick up Searchlights?

    A: No we deliver, set up, and pick up.

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