Balloons & Inflatables

Giant Balloons and Inflatables

Did you know that giant balloons and inflatables are used extensively for event marketing and promotional purposes? There are a lot of enterprises which have reaped the benefits with the help of this advertising prop.

Don't believe us? Just give it a try and you'll be amazed at the results. Rely on Ad-Trend for brilliant balloon advertising services. Contact us today to learn more!

Hundreds of Colors and Shapes to Choose From

At Ad-Trend, our advertising professionals will assist you in choosing the best design, color, shape, and size of your inflatable, making the whole process easy and smooth for you! Our inflatables range from 10 ft to 25 ft in height. You can pick a size that suits your needs and budget.

Our inflatables can be used for holiday promotions, open promotions, and various other activities. Check out the wide array of balloons and inflatables we provide:
  • Custom printed balloons with photos
  • Variety of character displays
  • Inflatable billboards
Depend on us to replace your worn -out inflatables and balloons and maintain our units so they continue to look new. We stock over 200 inflatables and never reuse any temporary POP products. That's not all! We also provide 24 -hour weather monitoring as well as product maintenance services.
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All vinyl printed balloons come with a 1-year WARRANTY!

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