Leasing New Locations

Maximize Your Real Estate Investment

By leasing your commercial or industrial property to Ad-Trend, you can earn a steady source of income, which increases the potential resale value of your property and maximizes the return on your investment, with guaranteed long term income.

Why Choose Ad-Trend?

  • Limited ground space is utilized
  • Usually only 36-48 inches of ground space is taken up by our state-of-the-art, single- pole design
  • Minimum inconvenience to any ongoing business operations
  • Investment required - $000.00
  • Ad-Trend is responsible for “all” costs, including installation, illumination, construction and maintenance

Get Visibility and Other Added Benefits

  • Our sign structures allow you to draw a new awareness of your business location
  • Additional security, from the illumination of the sign faces

Ad-Trend Facts

  • Ad-trend is locally owned and regionally headquartered in Kansas city
  • We have over 100 cumulative years of experience leasing billboards on properties like yours
  • Owners can be assured that when you call us, your concern will be handled promptly
  • We are able to lease locations in all fifty states
Call Us 
for returns on virtually no investment
Call Us 
for returns on virtually no investment

Let your property earn you a supplemental income by leasing out a small area for our billboards.

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