Nationwide Promotions

Count on Us for Nationwide Promos

While big-box retail stores are popular among the local masses, the need to promote these stores can arise if you want to expand your business. In such a scenario, you can turn to Ad-Trend for effective nationwide promotions with the help of our giant customized inflatables. Get in touch with us today!

You'll be surprised to see how a nationwide promotion can boost your sales and create a major impact on your target customers. 

Mark Your Presence in the US and Canada

When we say nationwide promotions, we mean the whole of US and Canada. Yes, you read that right! You can rely on us to mark your presence through outdoor POP advertising in the United States as well as in Canada.

What's more? You can customize your inflatables by selecting from a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs of your choice. Our vinyl printed balloons and inflatables come with a 1-year WARRANTY. We will also replace them if they get worn out with time.
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