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  • 01 Jun, 2017
In Outdoor, the typical meeting with a customer will last 30-45 minutes, possibly an hour.  During that time the representative spends the large majority of that time talking about billboard locations. Where the customer's potential billboard could go.  It could go on a major interstate, a location where traffic bottlenecks during rush hour or near a major exit along a highway.  The board could be in the middle of the metro or in a more rural area.  For a company the size of Ad-Trend, the options are plentiful and this conversation can go on and on discussing potential locations.  

However, we take a different approach.  while location is very important, the more pertinent conversation should regard the message and the design of the board.  How will the customer be seen is as important if not more important than the location.  Our representatives know that we should be focusing on the message first.  We take time to know and understand what the customer is trying to do.  

The image above isn't one of our customers, however is a perfect example of the artwork you will end up with if you aren't concentrating on the artwork.  There is a lot wrong with this design and very little correct.  A good billboard design should consist of no more than ten words, the colors should contrast, the information should be crisp and clean.  Designing a billboard isn't like designing a flier or a banner.  The fonts, colors, and layout are exceptionally important.  

Our design team has over twenty-five years in designing billboards.  We have seen and done it all from extensions and 3-D designs to some incredibly creative award winning designs.  Designing your billboard correctly is our priority.  We hope that you trust us to design the image for your business correctly.  
By 7000251083 12 Sep, 2017
From time to time we will post on here if a board is opening up soon.  With the number of boards that we have, there is always something changing, opening and hopefully renewing that you should be aware of.  The board in the image above is on I-435 just south of K-32.  It will be opening on 9/30.  It has been 4 years since this board has been open.  Traditionally there is ever a waiting list for the board.  However, because of a few clients deciding to move their campaign up, we have an unexpected opening.  Please, give is a call. This is an incredible billboard.

It reaches NASCAR traffic, Johnson County traffic, WY CO traffic, airport traffic and has a steady flow during both the morning and evening rush hour.  It really is a board that you shouldn't miss out on.  

816-283-0600, ask for David.  
By 7000251083 15 Aug, 2017
At Ad-Trend we talk about billboard art more than we talk about location of the board.  The message, we feel, is incredibly important.  This billboard is a new design that we have recently put up.  Adams Insurance in Raymore, MO is the customer however their name is nowhere to be seen.  How would you rate this billboard?  The message is clear, the colors contrast, the font is easily read however the company's name is not on the board.  

During the customer meeting, we discovered that the name isn't all that important.  The important part is the phone number and the message that by calling the number, they will get someone local on the other end of the line.  The goal isn't necessarily to promote the business, it is to meet with people who have questions about medicare.  

We are really excited to see how the campaign works for the customer.  
By 7000251083 18 Jul, 2017

On our Ad-Trend blog, we talk a lot about artwork on your boards and the creation of a proper design.  Often times billboards can utilize different and unique ways of creating terrific artwork.  Chick-fil-a, a customer of ours, is one of the best at utilizing 3-D images to enhance their billboard art and therefore their billboard campaign.  Check out this article from Billboard Insider talking about the use of the cows, their past present and future.  


By 7000251083 10 Jul, 2017
When talking to a customer, one of the first questions we are asked is, "what does this cost."  It happens daily, actually multiple times a day.  Well, the honest answer is that we aren't sure right now.  Billboard rates can range drastically depending on where your board is, if it rotates or not, the type of board you are on, and how long your campaign is.   Sometimes the cheapest campaign is best for your specific needs, sometimes it is not.  When talking to your representative at Ad-Trend, we want to spend time with you in order to best understand exactly what you need.  Here are a few good questions you should talk to us about when putting together a campaign.

1.  Do you want your billboard to stay in one place for the duration of the campaign, or do you want it to rotate?

2.  How long of a campaign are you thinking about running?

3.  What do you want the campaign to accomplish?  What are your goals surrounding the campaign?  

4.  Is there an area of town, a demographic, an age range, gender or income level of customer you are trying to reach?

The answer to all of these questions will help determine where your board should be placed and therefore how much of an investment a billboard campaign will be.  We want a campaign that best fits you.  A conversation about your goals and what you want your business to accomplish is the best way to know exactly what Ad-Trend can do for you.  
By 7000251083 07 Jul, 2017
Ad-Trend is excited to announce that our Operations department is growing again.  We are hiring a full time and part time billboard installer.  These individuals will be asked to be a part of a growing company in the Midwest.  We are looking for someone with a good work ethic and someone who is responsible, honest and a hard worker.  No experience is needed as you will be training for the first several weeks or month on the job.  

Please reach out via this website if you are looking to make a career change and want to learn a new skill or trade. 

By 7000251083 30 Jun, 2017
I'm asked on a regular basis, how is digital advertising affecting Outdoor Advertising.  The answer, very little.  In fact, Outdoor Advertising, specifically billboard advertising, has been up year after year for the last several years.  The reason, people are always seeing your advertisement.  Check out this short article from Billboard Insider explaining who exactly is looking at your billboard.  It isn't who you think.  

By 7000251083 21 Jun, 2017
The image above is an exciting new element to Ad-Trend and all we offer our customers.  Digital Expanded Targeting is a new form of Geo-fencing. Using the Latitude and Longitude of our billboards, we can "cast a net" over the board.  This next will send advertisements to anyone who passes by the board while they are using the applications on their phone. It truly is the newest way to complete your digital marketing budget.  

Call Ad-Trend for more details.  816-283-0600
By 7000251083 19 Jun, 2017
Below is a link regarding design tips for your Outdoor Campaign.  We talk a lot about the design process of the billboard campaign.  Our design team at Ad-Trend works day in and day our to make sure your design on your billboard is unique, informative and profitable for your company.  Thank you, Billboard Insider for this terrific article.  We couldn't agree more with your opinion.

1. Be Concise (15/20):   The less information displayed, the faster drivers will comprehend your message, and the more likely they’ll be to remember it. Most sites agree you should aim for seven words or less in your headline

2. Focus on One Message (15/20):   A billboard ad needs to be simple. Do not try to convey multiple ideas or messages.  Focus on one key idea and convey it as clearly as possible. Your average viewer traveling 70 miles an hour.  Your message needs to be clear.

3. Make Your Font Readable (14/20):   Use a large and easy to read typeface. Avoid fonts with thin strokes or ornate designs. As Zak Mroueh of Aulu Alpha Kilo   explains   in Open 3, “For a standard 10 x 20 ft billboard, if you count a maximum of 22 characters across from left to right, including spaces, it will always be readable…If mathematics isn’t your strong suit, there’s another technique that never fails: whatever the art director designs, make it 25% bigger.”

Contrasting Colors

4. Use Contrasting Colors (13/20):   Contrast makes your ad memorable. Lamar for instance   refers   to research indicating high color contrast improves out-of-home advertising recall by up to 38%. Penneco   adds   that bold, fully saturated colors make a billboard stand out, while neutral and pastel colors blend in with the scenery

5. Quality Images are Key (11/20):   A compelling picture can carry an ad. Use big, impactful images that will print well at billboard size. Many outdoor advertisers recommend images be 300 DPI minimum

6. Be Innovative and Creative (6/20):   Consider using humor, top-outs, side-outs, or extensions, or other unconventional integrations to make a unique and memorable billboard. After all, no one remembers dull.


By 7000251083 09 Jun, 2017
Today, the 6th of June, is our busiest day of the year when it comes to balloon installs.  Between summer sales, weekend promotions and the 4th of July just around the corner, we are installing balloons all over Kansas City. Please keep an eye out for them.  Remember, if you are ever looking to quickly promote your business, call Ad-Trend.  We can be out to your business that day.  

By 7000251083 08 Jun, 2017
In Kansas City we have one hundred and twenty five billboards.  Every day, our install crew members are climbing a variety of them, posting new adds, changing light bulbs, tightening vinyl or preforming basic maintenance on them.  This blog is dedicated to all of their hard work.  

Billboards vary in height from ten feet off of the ground to over a hundred.  During the heat of the summer, cold of the winter, the windy days and the beautifully peaceful days, our crew members climb our boards to make sure our customers' advertisements look the best that they can.  It is a well known fact that the weather in the mid-west can change from day to day and hour to hour.  We really can't thank you enough for the hard work you do every day.  

Below are a few fun facts regarding our installers:

1.  During the heat of the summer, their days start at 6:00am, before it gets hot.  They usually get home around 3:00 in the afternoon.

2.  Our most experienced installer can post a 14x48' billboard in 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Installing a vinyl isn't easy, and it takes a typical installer close to two hours.

3.  We have safety checks every week to make sure they are all of their equipment is up to code and working correctly.

4.  Wind speeds at the top of a board can be 20-30 mph more than what we feel at ground level.  

5.  Aside from weather, our installers have to be aware of the animals that like to make our billboards a nesting site.  we have encountered wasps, bees, birds, a badger, countless spiders, bats, deer, cats, and a stray dog who have made homes on top of or around our billboard.  

Again, thank you to our install crew.  Your work is never unappreciated.  

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